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What I learned about javascript and bread

Demystifying the useReducer hook

useReducer can be a bit confusing and some people avoid using this hook for complex state management.

Deconstructing the Fetch API

Fetch is one of the most used APIs in our projects but not everyone knows about all the features available.

The perfect pizza dough

Pizza is great but achieving the perfect pizza dough could be difficult without the right recipe.

Closure and high order functions

Closure is one of the most powerful features in Javascript, and used in the right way can bring endless possibilities into your implementations.

High order functions, callbacks, and inversion of control

Functions are one of the basics parts of Javascript. They are really powerful but it depends on ourselves when we declare them how powerful they can be.

Values and coercion

How many times have you heard the fact that doubles equals check the value but not the type while three equals check both

Primitive values and ummutability

In the universe of Javascript, there are many different values, but only some of them are primitives values and you'll be better knowing about them.

Variables and values in Javascript

Getting into a new programming language, most of the time, starts in the same way, declaring a variable and setting a value in that variable and it's really important to know how they work together.

How javascript engine works

If we want to understand how javascript works beyond your code, you need to know three different concepts or ideas that you will see repeated throughout the rest of your life as a programmer.